Continuity, profitability, growth, reliability, quality and innovation, total package


Bolhuis wants long-term stable partner for its customers. In the future, customers must be able to rely on. Our services and products.


In a healthy company hears a healthy return. This is important in order to guarantee and to continue to invest in innovation, quality and continuity.


Bolhuis wants long term quiet but growing steadily. New opportunities, and minimize risks.


Bolhuis should be a reliable partner. We find it important to always to meet our commitments. The customer can count on us.

Quality and Innovation

Bolhuis is constantly working to improve quality. This is done systematically. New developments are tracked in order to determine whether they can be useful in our projects. The quality/price ratio is thereby sharply monitored.

Total Package

Bolhuis wants to be a partner who can deliver a total package. To control technology Design till completion: Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, Panel Construction, Installation and Service. Projects we can perform turnkey. This also includes the best service and aftercare.