Panel Construction

Control cabinets and operator panels

Tailored to your production environment

We build control panels and control panels based on their own design or based on submitted schedules. Our preference is for the use of renowned brands. We only use first choice. Our panels are toepgepast in production and must meet high standards. The materials used must be suitable for the environment in which the panels are applied.

Panel Construction

UL certificate

Cabinets for the U.S. and Canada

For the U.S. and Canada, the cabinets must be built according to the UL standard. We can process for you and can take care of the cabinets have a UL certificate.



Quality is our strength

And for a fair price

The cabinets are the center of the plant. An installation should run without failure. The quality is in the professional building and testing a closet. Only if it's all good, a cabinet can be delivered.

By an efficient approach, we can keep the price sharply. So you get maximum quality at a fair price. That is our strength.