Bolhuis Automatisering was founded in 1995 by Wim Bolhuis. His vision was clear: offering a total package in the field of control technology. He initially did this alone in the form of building small panels and writing software.

Due to continued growth, Bolhuis moved to larger and more suitable locations in 1997, 2000 and 2017. In 2017 we settled in Geldermalsen, where you can still find us. We now work with a team of 15 people on challenging technical projects every day.

Our location in Geldermalsen offers us sufficient office space, a beautiful workshop for building control panels and of course a warehouse with high-quality electrical materials.

We work on technical projects in the field of software and hardware engineering, panel construction, commissioning, robotics and electrical engineering.

In 2020, Bolhuis Automatisering was acquired by Barth Group and Wim Bolhuis started enjoying his well-deserved retirement. As of May 1, 2020, Henk V erschoor has been appointed director of Bolhuis Automatisering.

The acquisition of Barth Group makes it possible for Bolhuis to offer an even broader and more innovative service. With the same quality and customer focus as you are used to from Bolhuis.

Wim Bolhuis, Founder Bolhuis Automatisering

Arie Barth, Barth Groep

Henk Verschoor, Bolhuis Automatisering