Installation Technology

For industrial environments

Our projects are used in packaging, transport and logistics systems, concrete industry, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, brick factories, industrial ovens, food industry, farming and more ...

That shows similarities but also differences. In the food industry, we must ensure that the system, including the electrical part, is easy to clean. Often there is a lot of water and detergents used and the installation must be resistant against. In bakeries, it can be pretty warm near industrial furnaces. We ensure that the correct wiring and components are selected. In heavy industry, such as the cement industry, the materials must be extra durable to keep long term. For example, there are many different applications for many different requirements.

We provide the juise choice and a professional implementation.



Cabinets, components and cables

All cabinets, components and cables are encoded so that it can be used in the schematics and layout found quickly. Through a systematic design extensions or adjustments may be properly realized, and it is easy to communicate with our service department in case there are questions.